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electronic stability program (ESP)

The electronic stability program (ESP) is one of the driver assistance systems (DAS) and supports the driver in critical driving situations. ESP, a trademark of Daimler AG

, controls the vehicle's behaviour and intervenes in exceptional situations, such as when there is a risk of skidding, rolling over, oversteering or veering out of the lane.The ESP system controls the so-called yaw rate, which is the rotation around the vertical axis


To do this, it compares the vehicle behaviour with the vehicle control system and, in the event of strong deviations, regulates the vehicle stability within fractions of a second or initiates dedicated braking processes by braking wheels individually or together.

The entire ESP system is a control system that uses sensors

toquery rotational speeds, acceleration and braking torques, lateral acceleration, steering settings and some engine data, 150 times a second

, comparesthis data

with thedriving behaviour and intervenes via actuators

in thebraking process, as well as in the engine and transmission control.

By braking individual wheels or axles at lightning speed, throttling the engine output or controlling the traction control, the critical vehicle situations mentioned can be controlled.

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