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electronic publishing on demand (EPoD)

Electronic-Publishing-on-Demand (EPoD) is an on-demand service with which books can be published in individual books or very small editions. Unlike Print-on-Demand (PoD) and Book-on-Demand

(BoD), which are about printing books, Electronic-Publishing-on-Demand is about publishing them. The EPoD concept is a broader concept that includes all publishing activities. The author search, text editing, design and typography

, printing, marketing and distribution of the printed books. Due to on-demand techniques, short runs of books can be produced cheaply and quickly without the publisher having to make large investments. Therefore, publishers of on-demand books can produce them promptly, market them themselves in print but also as e-books and pay higher royalties to the authors. The texts can be stored in a wide variety of file formats.

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