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electronic media management system (EMMS)

Electronic Media Management System (EMMS) is an IBM copy protection method that can be used to copy-protect audio file formats. The EMMS system watermarks and copy-protects any audio file format.

Initially, EMMS was limited to the copy protection of music files, in which it ensures, similar to the country code in DVDs, that a certain piece of music can only be played in certain regional areas. In addition, plug-ins for RealJukebox and Music Match Jukebox are intended to allow payment for licenses.

As EMMS would not be limited to music files over time, it was also applied to other file formats for lyrics and videos.

Therefore, the second version of EMMS provides the ability to protect other streaming files such as video, graphics and text from unauthorized copying. In this version, a comprehensive rights assignment regarding the frequency of playback and copying is included.

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