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electronic distribution

E-distribution, also known as digital distribution, describes the sale of digital products and content directly to the buyer in electronic form. This form of distribution is particularly common in the area of digital music, computer games or software programs.

In e-distribution, the customer buys a piece of music from Apple 's iTunes Store on the Internet or by smartphone, for example, and can then add the track to his or her own iTunes music files and listen to it. Other forms of e-distribution include downloads or e-mails with the purchased digital content as an attachment. Both seller and buyer benefit from e-distribution. The selling company has lower costs because it does not have to stock the products in physical form, e.g., compact disc( CD) or DVD, in astore. The customer can use the product without any major time delay and benefits from the seller's lower costs in the form of lower prices compared to traditional ways of distribution.

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