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electronic device description (EDD)

For the parameterization of field devices in process automation, there are various approaches for standardizing device descriptions. With Electronic Device Description (EDD), the user is provided with an electronic device description for planning, installation, commissioning, operation, diagnostics and maintenance of the devices and systems. This is intended to reduce latent sources of error and improve employee training.

With Electronic Device Description (EDD), the device description is delivered to the user with the device or system as a file. The user can also download the EDD file via the Internet. The EDD file can be stored on the host or in the device, is independent of the fieldbus used and includes language elements for the user interface and communication access.

With EDDL, a quasi-standard for a description language has been developed, with which access to the field devices can be standardized. Thanks to this development, the variety of device tools could be limited to a few variants.

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