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electronic data capture (EDC)

An EDC terminal, Electronic Data Capture, is a data capture device that is used as a POS terminal at the point of sale (PoS), primarily in stores, but also in banks, in the office or in the private sector. With Electronic Data Capture, the credit card is inserted into the card reader

. This decodes the data and sends it to the credit card company, which carries out

thevalidation. It checks the credit card number and if the credit card is not blocked, it also checks if the limits are not exceeded. The credit card company sends a confirmation to the EDC terminal and simultaneously debits the amount from the credit card holder's account. The debit is printed out on a small printer.

EDC terminal, photo:

EDC terminal, photo:

Electronic Data Capture is a very secure procedure that is also used for e-commercetransactions by online shops. The customer works from home with his own EDC terminal. The procedure avoids any kind of fraud possibility during the transaction.

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