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electronic catalog (eCatalog)

In order to facilitate and accelerate the exchange of information on products, their specifications, services and delivery information, web-compatible catalogues, so-called e-catalogues, can be placed on the Internet

. Functionally, they resemble a print catalog in which one can browse, jump from the table of contents to the corresponding pages, search for the offers

inthe index or in search functions, make notes and enlarge and print the desired pages. E-Catalogs are built with page-oriented authoring systems that support linking

from different pages.

E-Catalog by

E-Catalog by

Many features are supported by sitemaps and imagemaps, including the table of contents and product photos. Depending on the functionality, the prospective customer has the possibility to select the products directly from the e-catalogue, put them into the virtual shopping cart and place the order. The advantages of this e-service are the fast and cost-effective updating of the e-catalogue and the low effort required for processing and ordering.

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