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An Electronic Billboard is an electronic billboard for advertising purposes. Such Electronic Billboards are used as large displays or as video walls in sports stadiums, in front of and in department stores or on expressways, and in smaller versions as mobile advertising billboards, the Bill Posters. They are modular and can be built in sizes up to 5m x 10m.

Electronic Billboards have LED displays with a dot pitch of 16 mm or 20 mm and cover a comprehensive color space. Since they are used outdoors, they are characterized by high brightness. On the other hand, the resolution is somewhat limited by the dot pitch and switching speeds. Electronic billboards can display static advertising messages, as well as flash displays or videos.

Electronic billboard, photo:

Electronic billboard, photo:

Digital billboards are extremely flexible. Unlike static billboards, their advertising message can be changed at the touch of a button. In addition, electronic billboards significantly improve brand awareness. Due to LED technology, digital billboards have a long service life of over 100,000 hours and consume relatively little energy.

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