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Electromagnetism stands for the mutual dependence between the electric field (E-field) and the magnetic field (H-field).

The field lines of the two fields are at right angles to each other. Every current-carrying conductor is surrounded by a magnetic field, the strength of which depends on the current flow and the magnetic conductivity of the material surrounding it. The higher the current strength, the stronger the magnetic field surrounding the conductor. This field is formed in a circle around the conductor through which the current flows. The direction of the magnetic field depends on the direction of the current and is clockwise with respect to the direction of the current.

Magnetic field lines by induction

Magnetic field lines by induction

If two conductors are parallel and current flows through them in the same direction, the magnetic fields of both conductors attract each other. If the direction of current is reversed, the two magnetic fields repel each other. This effect can be observed in starter cables.

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