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electrical sensitivity (ES)

Electrosensitivity (ES) is the unwanted ability to perceive electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields

. A

distinction is made between three categories


is the ability to perceive electrical processes as well as electromagnetic fields.


involvessymptoms of illness as a result of exposure to electromagnetic fields.


manifests itself in allergic effects due to exposure to electromagnetic fields. Today's use of various devices and systems, e.g. in households, production and telecommunication, leads to an increased occurrence of electrical effects and electromagnetic fields, colloquially also called electrosmog

. Electrosensitive people state the following symptoms as effects: Sleep disorders, headaches, nervousness, inner restlessness, constant fatigue, lack of drive, concentration and memory disorders and tinitus (ringing in the ears). Electrosensitivity in humans cannot be scientifically proven unequivocally and without contradiction.

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