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edge virtual bridging (802.1Qbg) (EVB)

Edge Virtual Bridging (EVB) is a virtualization technique for switches that has been standardized by the IEEE802.1Qbg working group. This standard is about coordinating data traffic between virtual machines( VM) via a virtual switch, vSwitch.

The IEEE 802.1Qbg working group deals with edge virtual bridging and develops special protocols with which many virtual machines share a common physical connection to a switch. For example, a server can contain an embedded virtual switch via which it switches the data traffic between virtual machines. The traffic is routed from the virtual machine to the physical switch and from the switch back to the server.

The EVB standard is directly involved in configuring and monitoring the connections to the external switches. The standard developed by 802.1 is based on VEPA technology, Virtual EthernetPort Aggregator (VEPA), which requires few changes to existing networks and components.

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