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edge analytics

Edge analytics is about collecting and analyzing data where it originates. The approach is similar to edge computing with the difference that edge analytics is about data analysis. Both techniques are driven by the Internet of Things( IoT) and its infinite number of sensors and actuators that continuously generate data.

With edge analytics, data is analyzed directly at the IoT component rather than first being transmitted to a data center.

The Internet of Things is used in many industrial sectors, in transportation and automotive technology, in the control of cities, buildings, power grids, waterways, and more, where IoT components collect an infinite amount of data. This data is analyzed and reduced on the spot by intelligent IoT components or edge devices located nearby using an algorithm. This saves time and has the advantage that the enormous flood of data does not overload the networks. It also reduces delay times.

As far as smart IoT components are concerned, they can take over certain operations, such as monitoring a traffic light system, alerting when a limit temperature is exceeded, or analyzing images from web cameras.

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