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The term echo occurs in transmission technology and audio technology.

  1. In transmission technology, an echo is the reflection of the transmitted signal at the end of the line. The weakened reflected signal travels back along the line to the receiver and can have a disturbing effect on the transmitted useful signal. Echo cancellation is used to suppress this effect, which is desirable in some cases such as telephony.
  2. In audio technology, echoes are caused by reflections of the original sound from walls or objects. Multiple reflections are referred to as flutter echoes. Echo
    generation in audio processing

    generation in audio processing

    The echo effect can also be technically realized by delaying the original signal and adding a partial amount of the undelayed original signal to it. The delay time and the level of the mixed signal are decisive for the echo effect. In the past, the effect was created with echo tape recorders in which the original signal was picked up again via several offset audio heads and mixed with the original signal at a reduced level. The number of offset tone heads determined the number of echoes, the distance between the tone heads and the tape speed determined the time intervals, and the level of the individual signals determined the intensity of the echoes. With digital technology, the echo effect is generated using digital delay or with signal processors. The delay time of the original signal and the intensity of the mixed signal are important parameters for the echo.

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