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e-mail security

Emails are one of the attack targets of hackers, who have a special focus on email addresses, identity theft and access data for online services. Email account fishing is of interest in that the data is traded and can be used to make deals with false identities at the expense of the email addressee.

A critical attack surface of e-mails are the attachments. In many attacks, viruses, Trojans and malware are embedded in the e-mail attachments, which become active after the attachments are opened and scan the personal computer for account and bank data or other sensitive information. To minimize possible dangers, corresponding attacks should be minimized by firewalls, virus scanners with antivirus programs and spam filters.

The security of e-mails can only be guaranteed by encryption. Forward Secrecy( FS) or Perfect Forward Secrecy( PFS) is suitable for this purpose.

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