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e-mail responder

Email responders can respond to an email request with automatic reply email, autoresponder. Such autoresponders are used when the incoming e-mails

cannot be answered, whether due to time constraints, absence, illness or vacation. An e-mail responder is comparable to

ananswering machine on a telephone line. The appropriate message

is entered beforehand and as soon as an e-mail is received, the sender immediately receives the prepared response. However, there are other areas of application for e-mail responders, for example the response to keywords. In this technique, the email responder recognizes certain keywords and responds with a reply email that it compiles from ready-made text blocks. In addition, email responders can send complete information texts in response to queries. In this technique, the different information is stored under different email addresses and as soon as one of these email addresses receives an email, it responds with a requested infomail.

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