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e-mail archiving

As business communication increasingly takes place via e-mails, archiving is imperative. On the one hand, to be able to trace business processes, and on the other hand, to comply with the legal regulations explained in the Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents (GdPdU), Principles of Proper Accounting (GoB) and Principles of Proper Computerized Accounting Systems(GoBS). The compliance requirements set out in these laws must be observed in German companies.

Another factor are the requirements for IT technology in order to be able to control the increasing flood of mail. Here, it is necessary to counteract the strong growth and the possible overloading of the mail server with the associated longer recovery times.

Requirements for archiving

Requirements for archiving

For the reasons mentioned above, e-mail archiving systems work with archive servers on which incoming e-mails are stored in real time. This means that the e-mails are stored in the e-mail archive regardless of how the user is processing them. To enable fast retrieval, the e-mails are classified according to users, addresses, departments or business processes and stored in the appropriate folders or databases, taking into account retention requirements. Full- text indexing of e-mails and attachments supports the user in searching for e-mails.

Such a concept relieves thee-mail server, since the attachments are replaced by shortcuts and the attachments are physically located on the archive server.

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