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dynamic voltage scaling (PM) (DVS)

Dynamic Voltage Scaling(DVS) is a procedure for the dynamic power management( DPM) of notebooks and netbooks with which higher energy efficiency is achieved.

The DVS method reduces the supply voltage of the processors. Since the voltage is quadratically included in the power consumption, a strong reduction in power consumption is achieved with Dynamic Voltage Scaling. However, this has the consequence that the computing power of the processors decreases. For energy savings, DVS technology uses schemes from which the processor performance is derived as a function of the processor clock frequency and then optimizes the supply voltage.

Energy savings with DVS and AVS

Energy savings with DVS and AVS

If the mobile devices are equipped with dual-core process ors, then the voltage reduction can be optimized independently for each processor core without affecting the computing performance.

Unlike Dynamic Voltage Scaling, Adaptive Voltage Scaling( AVS) works in real time and optimizes power based on the work process and temperature change of the processors.

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