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dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS)

Dynamic Voltage and FrequencyScaling (DVFS) is one of several dynamic power management (DPM) techniques for reducing power consumption. This technique is about scaling the clock frequency

and the operating voltage. There is a proportionality between the clock frequency and the processor performance: a higher clock frequency causes a proportionally higher power consumption of the processor. There is even a quadratic relationship between the operating voltage and the power consumption. A reduction in the operating voltage therefore results in significantly lower power consumption. If both parameters

, the clock frequency and the operating voltage, are reduced simultaneously, the reduction in power consumption even occurs to the third power. These findings are implemented in DVFS technology by defining the maximum possible clock frequency and



voltage for the processors and controlling them during operation using software. The DVFS technology therefore works with various algorithms that estimate the possible utilization and idle phases and derive their control mechanisms from this.

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