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drum plotter

Drum plotters are designed for larger paper sizes than flatbed plotters

. In the drum plotter, the two axes for XY display are achieved by the forward and backward movement of the drum and by the single-axis pen movement. With the drum plotter, the paper can be moved back and forth across the drum while the drawing pen(s) move along one axis. The drawing pen is then pressed when it has reached its coordinate position and the paper has fixed the second coordinate via the roller movement.

Drum plotter, photo: Hewlett Packard

Drum plotter, photo: Hewlett Packard

As far as the length of the plot is concerned, there are no limits, only the maximum width is determined by the length of the pen movement. For coloured plots, several drawing pens with different colours

areused or, as with inkjet prin

ters, aprint head

with CMY colours is used. Drum plotters are used for construction drawings, circuit diagrams and building plans, usually in conjunction with CAD systems.

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