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driver attention system

Overtiredness, microsleep and night driving are frequent causes of accidents. For this reason, there are sleep warning systems that monitor the driver's behavior and trigger an alarm

in the event of severe deviations. Generally, long and monotonous car journeys lead to symptoms of overtiredness, which considerably impair the driver's reaction behaviour. For this reason, driver assistance systems include the sleep warning system, which uses a camera to observe and interpret the driver's face and facial expressions. Such a system monitors the direction of the driver's gaze, the number and duration of blinks and the degree of eye opening, and triggers haptic or acoustic alarms in the event of major deviations, for example by vibrating the seat or emitting a signal tone. To ensure that Driver Attention Systems can be used in all lighting conditions and even in the dark, they work with infrared cameras and evaluate the facial images in real time

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Attention Assistant detects the blink of an eye, Photo: Hella

Attention Assistant detects the blink of an eye, Photo: Hella

The sleep warning system, also known as Artifical Passenger (AP), keeps the driver from falling asleep through conversation. The attention assistant is an alternative to the sleep warning system.

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