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drawing program

Drawing programs are classified as graphics programs. They differ from painting and image editing programs in that they are constructively oriented and work with vector graphics

. Drawing programs support important basic geometric shapes such as points, lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles, polygons and 3D bodies. The vectorially created designs and plans can be scaled, rotated, positioned, coordinated and enhanced with other drawing functions such as fills, transparency, dimensions or combined with embedded pixel-oriented graphics

using vector-oriented editing functions. Many drawing programs are supported by their own symbol archives, which simplify the creation of construction plans and electronic circuits.

Spatial planning with OpenOffice, screenshot:

Spatial planning with OpenOffice, screenshot:

Drawing programs are used for creating and editing technical drawings, maps and plans, in planning and construction, in architecture and in geographic information systems for topographic and cartographic plans, in mechanical engineering and in the design of electronic circuits, as well as in implementation for circuit board layout.

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