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A downconverter is a downconverter that, used in television display, converts a high-definition television picture in HDTV to a picture for standard television. Corresponding devices are called HD downconverters.

Downconverters are used when the resolution of the television or video signals is higher than the display capabilities of television sets, displays, or the recording capabilities of DVDs.

If a standard display is offered an HDTV signal that it cannot display, then the corresponding signal must be converted to the standard format via an HD downconverter. High-definition downconverters are characterized by the slightest image distortion in the form of blurring, aliasing or image noise. They convert videos with a wide range of frame rates and aspect ratios.

Insatellite communications, downconverters convert a higher signal frequency to a lower one. For example, signals from the C-band, Ku-band or Ka-band are downconverted to frequencies of 70 MHz, 140 MHz or to the L-band with frequencies between 950 MHz and 1,450 MHz.

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