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double byte character set (DBCS)

A Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) is a character set that represents all characters and digits

with two bytes. This results in the possibility of representing 256 x 256 different characters, i.e. 65,536.These double-byte character sets are used where the number of characters exceeds 256. Thus for the representation of Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters. There are UTF variants, Unicode Transformation Format

(UTF), which use DBCS character sets. There arestill differences in the double-byte character sets, which are expressed in the fact that these character sets include only characters or characters and control

characters. In contrast to the double-byte character sets (DBCS), there are the single-byte character sets (SBCS), whose characters consist of one byte. The best known of these 1-byte character sets is the ASCII character set. Character sets with two or more bytes are called Multibyte Character Sets (MBCS).

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