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domestic data bus (D2B)

The D2B bus is a field bus in automotive technology. It supports in-vehicle infotainment( IVI) and, like the MOST bus, works with an optical polymer fiber. The data transmission rateis 5.65 Mbit/s and the number of connectable nodes is 61. Control and audio data is transmitted via the D2B bus.

The D2B bus topologically forms a ring structure in which the radio plays a dominant role by detecting all components connected to the D2B bus during initial startup. In addition, the station sequence, once established, is stored in the radio. Replacing the radio thus results in an error message in the D2B bus. The D2B bus is looped through the individual components; if a component is removed, the ring structure is interrupted. This can be cancelled by inserting a passive jumper plug.

The D2B bus developed by Matsushita and Philips has already been replaced by more powerful bus concepts such as the MOST bus.

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