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Code names are freely chosen designations that are used for product developments. These names are used exclusively in the development phase, but offer insiders the possibility to draw conclusions about the technology and the performance.

Codenames are completely freely chosen names

, which aremainly used by CPU manufacturers such as Intel, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Nvidia and other development companies. AMD uses country names like Egypt, Denmark or Italy, city names like Athens, Barcelona, Budapest, Brisbane, Georgetown, Lancaster, Newark, Newcastle, Oakville, Palermo, Paris, Santa Rosa, Shanghai and Sparta, animal names like Eagle, Falcon, Griffin, Puma, Python

and Spider or creative word creations like Agena, Applebreda, Clawhammer, Morgan or Sledgehammer. Intel predominantly uses creative names such as Coppermine, Cranford, Netburst, Northwood, Paxville, Prescott, Silverthorne, Smithfield, Tualatin, Willamette, Wolfdale or Yonah.

Incontrast to this, other manufacturers use designations from which the genera or the technical specifications can be derived.

In general, it should be noted that the code names are only valid for the development period and are then replaced by the product designation. Since the architecture of CPU cores is hidden under the code name, the code names often occur with several CPUs of a manufacturer.

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