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document management system (DMS)

Document management, as part of knowledge management, is characterized by the repository services for capturing, storing, managing, researching, editing and publishing documents from companies and institutions. Document management systems( DMS) usually consist of the components authoring, workflow, authentication, version control, check-in/check-out, archiving, translation and publishing. These functionalities must work together harmoniously in a document management system (DMS), be seamlessly based on the company's existing IT infrastructure, and be implemented without media discontinuities.

On the one hand, document management involves the administration, further processing and archiving of documents that have already been printed out, and on the other hand, coded digital documents. Since these documents have different structures and formats, a distinction is made between non-coded information( NCI) and coded information( CI).

Data capture includes all capture options such as direct manual or electronic input, scanning of paper documents with subsequent optical character recognition( OCR), data transferfrom magnetic and optical media, as well as direct filetransferand indirect as attachments to e-mails, etc. Subsequent electronic archiving reduces archiving costs and enables the rapid retrieval of important and up-to-date documents and information for subsequent research and processing. If the documents are completely different, this is referred to as Electronic Document Management( EDM).

Workflow can be used to provide employees with the appropriate documents at the right time. The Open Document Management API( ODMA) serves as an interface, which ensures client-side communication with the DMS system. Document management is also referred to as enterprise document management or compound document management.

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