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distribution service

Distribution services are services that can be controlled individually by the user and in which one or more users can retrieve information from a central information source simultaneously or with a time delay.

Distribution services are consumer telecommunications services that can be functionally divided into two groups: Services with and without interaction. Services with interaction require action on the part of the consumer, for example in the form of an inquiry or an order. These services are called interactive services. They include all on-demand services such as video-on-demand, information-on-demand, video games, tele-commerce, business TV, teleshopping and service-on-demand.

Distribution services and interactive services

Distribution services and interactive services

The second group includes the call services where there is no interaction. The consumer can receive the information stream, but cannot influence it in terms of time or content. These on-demand services include selective video services such as pay-per- channel, pay-per-view, et al.

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