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distributed management task force (DMTF)

The Distributed Management Task Force(DMTF) is a standardization body consisting primarily of manufacturers and has set itself the goal of unifying the various management solutions in one standard.

The DMTF group is developing a uniform framework that includes data models, access procedures, and groupings, and is intended to serve as the basis for the entire network. DMTF began defining the meaning of management data as early as 1996. The result is called Common Information Model( CIM) and is a complex management architecture consisting of various protocols, collectively called Web Based Enterprise Management(WBEM).

In addition to these activities, the DMTF has focused on the management of virtualization solutions and has developed the Open Virtualization Format( OVF). This is intended to improve the interoperability ofcloud management protocols, packaging formats and security mechanisms.

The DMTF task force, which includes Citrix (Xen), Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Novell, Sun and VMWare, was called the Desktop Management Task Force until the late 1990s.

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