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display module

Display modules are modules composed of individual display elements for the display of letters, digits and characters. They are used in clocks and measuring instruments, in thermometers and calculators, motor vehicles, household appliances, media players, consumer appliances, toys and in many other devices and systems for measured value display, control and monitoring.

Such display modules differ in size and number of display elements, and the display elements have different structures. Display modules are available as standard displays, but they can also be created according to customer requirements (semicustom) or customized (fullcustom).

LCD display modules in COG design, photo: Electronic Assembly

LCD display modules in COG design, photo: Electronic Assembly

Semicustom display modules are minor adaptations or modifications of the standard versions, whereas fullcustom display modules are created according to customer-specific requirements. These can be complete display panels on which several different functions are shown, such as in displays of motor vehicles.

Selection criteria for display modules and elements

Display modules and display elements are selected on an application-specific basis. The selection criteria for display technology range from the type of information displayed, whether numeric, alphanumeric or graphic, to monochromatic or color display, to the question of pixel count, brightness, contrast, viewing angle, shape and size, and mechanical stress.

7-segment LED display for SMD technology

7-segment LED display for SMD technology

In terms of display elements, there are the 7- segment and 14-segment displays. The former for digits, the latter for alphanumerics. One to eight- line display modules can be created from the individual display elements. In addition, there are graphic displays which offer much greater flexibility and on which digits, special characters and texts can be displayed in any size. The standard pixel counts are 320 x 240 pixels. These display modules can be realized in the low-cost TN technologybased on LCD. For higher resolutions, STN technology is available.

The light conditions of the ambient light are decisive for whether the display representation is positive, i.e. the characters are dark and the background is bright, or whether it is negative, i.e. the characters are bright.

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