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direct chip attach (DCA)

The DCA technique, Direct Chip Attach (DCA), is an assembly technique in which packaged chips are placed directly on the substrate or printed circuit board. Chip-on-Board (CoB) and Chip on Flex

(CoF) belong to the DCA techniques. In Direct Chip Attach, the chip can be attached to the substrate or PCB with a flux and bonded

toit via wire bridges. In this bonding technique, called wire bonding, the connection points are located on the top of the chip. Alternatively, the flip-chip technique

can be used. In this technique, the chips have bump pads on the underside of the chip that are bonded to contacts on the printed circuit board. This bonding is called bump bonding or chip bonding.

DCA technology with wire and bump b

DCA technology with wire and bump b

onding The advantage of DCA technology is the small space requirement, the short runtimes due to the short connecting wires of the bonding or the lack of connecting wires in flip-chip technology.

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