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direct call

Direct call is a feature of switched networks. With direct call, the switching technology establishes a connection to a specified remote station without the caller entering the telephone number.

In the case of a direct call, the destination address or the call number is not transmitted to the exchange by the caller, but is permanently stored in the access node. In networks for private mobile radio and trunked radio, direct calls can be made in half- duplex or full-duplex mode. Direct call is also available as a feature of private branch exchanges, telephones or cell phones. It involves the automatic establishment of a connection to a stored call number, with the direct call being triggered by pressing a key. This makes this feature suitable for people in need of help or for children.

In the case of BOS radio or Tetra, the direct call can be made as a direct mode operation( DMO) directly between the communication partners, without using the switching technology.

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