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direct broadcast satellite (satellite comm.) (DBS)

Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), Direct Broadcast Satellite Television (DBSTV) or Broadcast Satellite Service(BSS) are broadcast services in which GEO satellites transmit the television signals directly to the end user. Unlike other services, Direct Broadcast Satellite does not transmit the television signals to the end user via cable television( CATV), broadband cable networks or access networks.

The communications satellites for DBS services have a relatively large footprint, allowing the end user to receive the satellite signals directly using a dish antenna with an LNB converter. One of the best-known GEO satellites for direct television reception in Germany is Astra.

The term Direct Broadcast Satellite goes back to the older terms Direct to Home( DTH) and Direct to Home Television (DTHTV). The frequency band for Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS) is a sub-band of the Ku-band in the frequency range from 11.7 GHz to 12.5 GHz. The receiving stations for the DBS service consist of a parabolic antenna with an LNB converter, the antenna cable, the receiving receiver and the television set.

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