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direct access file system (NAS) (DAFS)

Direct Access File System (DAFS) is a network file system, similar to Network File System( NFS) and Common Internet File System( CIFS), that supports file sharing in storage networks.

DAFS is based on NFSv4 and Remote Direct Memory Access( RDMA), on which it is built, and is specifically designed for high- performance file sharing in data centers. It features short latency, high throughput, and low overhead.

The architecture for distributed storage of data and files is similar to Network Attached Storage( NAS). DAFS starts where a small number of clients act as appliance servers. Together, they share the same application and operating system, as occurs in database applications, for example.

With DAFS, which is based on Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA), the applications have direct I/O access. Response times are therefore short, overhead low, and scalability and performance good.

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