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The previous human-machine communication is done via the familiar input devices such as keyboard, mouse, microphone, touchpad, data glove or other input devices. The actions with the input devices lead to interactions with the user. A more advanced concept of voice-driven user interface is intelligent voice control as used in digital voice assistants, also known as smart speakers.

Digital voice assistants have an artificial personality, Artificial Personality( AP), that can interactively and emotionally communicate with the user. Just as people communicate with each other. Such a voice assistant has characteristic properties and its own voice assistant features. It is activated by a wake-up word or wake-word. This is a fixed term or phrase. Voice assistants work with speech recognition and processing and can respond to the user's questions, make suggestions, keep the user's diary and notebook, perform control functions in smart homes, select desired music, read e-books aloud, select radio stations, or perform remote control functions for lighting and consumer electronics devices. In more advanced concepts, digital voice assistants also function as driver assistants in motor vehicles.

Digital voice assistants: Alexa from Amazon and Google Home

Digital voice assistants: Alexa from Amazon and Google Home

Digital voice assistants are intelligent systems that process measurement data. The concepts for voice assistance systems rely on artificial intelligence with Natural Language Processing( NLP), Automatic Speech Recognition( ASR), Natural Language Understanding( NLU), Natural Language Generation( NLG), chatbots, Deep Learning, the implementation of Text to Speech( TTS) and on Conversational User Interfaces ( CUI). Since the enormous amounts of data required for voice assistance cannot be stored on-site in a computer, cloud computing is being relied upon.

This market of the future, whose possibilities extend further than indicated here, is being worked on intensively by all the major IT companies. By Google and Microsoft, Apple and Amazon. Amazon already introduced a digital assistant in 2016 with Alexa, followed in 2017 by Google with Home, Siri from Apple and Cisco with Spark Assistant.

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