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digital simultaneous voice and data (DSVD)

Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data (DSVD) is a special modem technology for the simultaneous transmission of digitized voice and data over telephone cables.

The DSVD process was standardized by the International Telecommunication Union( ITU) under V.70 in the 1990s. With this technology, data from a wide variety of data sources is combined into a single data stream, transmitted over a modem link, and broken down again at the receiving end. The DSVD technique is suitable for modems according to V.34 resp. A DVSD data stream can be composed of a wide variety of data; voice, video and graphics data.

The DSVD procedure was developed before the liberalization of the telecom market, and transmission today would be realized via IP networks, ISDN or DSL connections. If the transmission is analog, the process is called Analog Simultaneous Voice and Data( ASVD).

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