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digital profiling

Digital profiling involves the collection and analysis of personal information. Such a profile includes, among other things, personality traits, character traits, behaviors, political and religious orientations, affiliations in clubs, parties and organizations.

In digital profiling, the data collected can be used for advertising purposes, online advertising, human resources management, corporate security or law enforcement. As for online business, digital profiling can be used to capture consumer behavior expressed in consumer profiling. The personal data can be defined according to the Open Profiling Standard( OPS), it shows up in the customer profile and is used by online providers to influence the purchase decision.

In human resource management, digital profiling can be used to select employees. Depending on the objectives, employees can bescreened in their behavior and personal contacts to determine if they pose a risk to the company. Another field for digital profiling is law enforcement, where investigators create dedicated profiles on potential criminals.

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