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digital media server (DLNA) (DMS)

DigitalMediaServers(DMS) are DLNA certified devices for Home Area Networks. They belong to the Home Network Devices( HND) product category. In the Mobile Handheld Devices( MHD) product category, there are Mobile Digital Media Servers (M-DMS) as a counterpart, which essentially fulfill the same functions.

Digital Media Servers are components that capture, record and store content and, if required, provide it with the necessary data protection. DMS servers have media management, aggregation functions and distribution functions. They make the stored content available to digital media players( DMP), digital media renderers( DMR) and digital media printers( DMPr). Examples of digital media servers include set-top boxes(STBs), personalvideorecorders (PVRs), personal computers(PCs), audio servers and video servers, tuners, and also smartphones, digital cameras, and camcorders.

In mobile home networks, Mobile Digital Media Servers (M-DMS) provide the Mobile Digital Media Players (M-DMP) with the content for the mobile devices.

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