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digital living network alliance (DLNA)

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is an association of computer companies, consumer device manufacturers, and mobile communications companies founded in 2003 to promote wired and wireless communications among personalcomputers, consumer electronics, and mobile devices in the home through interoperability efforts. Its headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

In the DLNA projection, the three independent communication islands of PC technology, consumer electronics with television, radio and CD or DVD players, and mobile devices with PDAs, smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, etc. are to converge. The goal of DLNA is to enable the use of digital media such as photos, music and movies throughout the home.

DLNA Interoperability Guidelines

DLNA Interoperability Guidelines

Strategic goals of the DLNA standards

The focus of DLNA is to develop an interoperability framework with development guidelines so that the various technologies used in the home converge. The idea is to unite the media used in consumer electronics, such as audio and video, with mobile and PC technologies.

The DLNA Interoperability Guidelines published by DLNA specify the functional blocks for interoperability with which platforms and software infrastructures can be built. The guidelines ensure the interoperability of home network products and services. For this purpose, DLNA devices are divided into certified device classes. These include Digital MediaServers( DMS), Digital Media Players( DMP), Digital Media Renderers( DMR) and Digital Media Controllers (DMC). The device groups supported by DLNA are divided into Home Infrastructure Devices( HID), Home Network Devices( HND) and Mobile Handheld Devices ( MHD). In addition, DLNA standards are used by the Home Gateway Initiative( HGI) and the Open IPTV Forum, among others.

In the home, users should be able to store, retrieve and play digital music anywhere, as well as manage and print photos, images and other documents.

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