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digital beamforming (DBF)

In digitalbeamforming (DBF), the digital modification of the radiation characteristics, the phase shifts and amplitude scaling for each individual antenna element are performed digitally. Digital signal processing

(DSP) components or dedicated beamforming processors are used for this purpose. Digital beamforming requires that the signals of each individual antenna element are digitized by an AD converter. The summation is done by a special processor. Since the digitization offrequencies above 30 MHz

cannot be realized or is very costly, the receive frequencies for beamforming are mixed to a low frequency at about 10 MHz, which can be directly converted by A/D converters. With digital beamforming, the antenna pattern can be shaped to have several independent main lobes for different directions. Signal distortion and inherent noise are compensated by mutual correlation. In addition, the antenna pattern can be changed quickly.

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