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digital audio broadcast plus (DAB+)

With DigitalAudio Broadcast Plus(DAB+), there is an improved variant to Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) that works more efficiently with other compression methods such as MPEG-4aacPlus( AAC+) and can transmit up to 25 audio programs in a DAB multiplex.

DAB+ is designed for higher-quality radio coverage such as visual radio. In addition, the transmission power has been increased from 4 kW for Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) to 10 kW, and the entire VHF Band III is available for DAB/DAB+. Specifically, it is the frequency range between 174.928 MHz to 239.200 MHz. DAB+ can be offered by private program providers.

DAB+ is scalable and compatible with Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB). Existing DAB stations can work together with new DAB+ stations. DAB+ receivers can receive both classic digital radio (DAB) and DAB+.

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