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differential code shift keying (PLC) (DCSK)

Differential CodeShift Keying (DCSK) is a keying method that uses spread spectrum technology. It was developed by Ytran and is used by some manufacturers in powerline transmission in Automated Meter Management( AMM) and Smart Metering and is also specified by HomePlug as an open standard.

Differential code shift keying (DCSK) spread spectrum technology transmits signals at a much higher bandwidth than is appropriate for the amount of information. The data is spread by inserting time shifts between successive data. The majority of bits are transmitted during a symbol period in the form of a special bit pattern formed by dividing the period with the shift index. The spread waveform is rotated by a certain amount related to the transmitted data.

The advantage of the DCSK technique is that this shift keying is insensitive to noise, which is common on low- voltage lines, and that the modulated signals can be detected even if they are lost in the noise floor. In addition, the DCSK method is less sensitive to interference from multipath reception.

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