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Dicing is one of many steps in chip manufacturing. It is the cutting of the chip cores out of the wafer

. Cutting out a single chip core is called singulation. After the wafers are finished,

thechips on the wafer are subjected to an initial test and the defect-free chips are cut out and encapsulated in packages

intraditional packaging. Wafer Level Packaging

(WLP) is different, where the packaging of the chip cores is done on the wafer, followed by dicing. Thecutting of the chip cores from the wafer can be done with a diamond saw or with

alaser, where the cutting width of the laser is superior to that of a mechanical saw. To keep the wafers fixed during the cutting process, they are glued to a saw tape. The cut-out chip cores that remain on the tape are the dice. They are either placed directly on the PCB

by die-handling equipment, wired to a bonding device and encapsulated in a package. The smallest dice have a size of 0.1 mm, the larger ones are about 40 mm. They can be rectangular or square, or cut into any shape depending on their use.

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