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diagnostics over IP (DoIP)

In automotive technology, there are various bus systems based on Ethernet, which are referred to as Automotive Ethernet. There are various transport and application protocols for the heterogeneous Ethernet networks contained in motor vehicles. TCP/IP and the UDP protocol are the better known transport prot

ocols, which are mainly used in network and communication technology. In addition, there are various application protocols for automotive Ethernet with Diagnostics over IP (DoIP), Audio-Video Bridging (AVB), Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and SOME/IP, which stands for Scalable Service-Oriented Middleware

over IP.

Protocol stack of Automotive Ethernet

Protocol stack of Automotive Ethernet

Diagnostics over IP (DoIP), standardized under ISO 13400, is a transmission protocol for the unified diagnostic services, the Unified Diagnost ics Services (UDS), which is underlaid with the TCP protocol or the UDP protocol and the IP protocol. On layer 2, the data link layer, is Ethernet and the physical layer is implemented by 100Base-TX. With this constellation, significantly higher data rates are available than with diagnostics via the CAN bus.

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