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device language message specification (smart meter) (DLMS)

Device Language Message Specification (DLMS) used to be called Distribution Line Message Specification. It is a specification of the application layer that is independent of the underlying layers or the communication channels.

DLMS is a concept for abstract modeling of communication units. It is used for meter reading from smartmeters and for data transmission to the utility's Meter Data Management System( MDMS). DMLS works with Companion Specification for Energy Metering( COSEM) and uses Object Identification System ( OBIS) codes for meter identification. The DLMS concept has been standardized as an international standard by the International Electrotechnical Commission( IEC). In interaction DLMS/COSEM form an object model for monitoring, communication and transmission of meter readings. Whereby DLMS is supplemented by COSEM with specific objects for the description of energy measurements.

The DLMS concept ensures the interoperability ofsmart grid components and their data. It can be used equally for automatic meter reading( AMR) of gas, water and electricity meters, for remote control of metering equipment, for special services and demand side management( DSM).

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