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development operations (DevOps)

DevOps, Development Operations, is a management approach in which software developers and system specialists work together effectively and look for solutions to improve processes. Other management strategies for other areas of the business include NetOps and NetSecOps, which deal with network infrastructure and its security, SecOps for Security and DevSecOps for Development and Security, and CloudOps for managing, deploying and using software in computing environments.

DevOps is a method for building agile, collaborative relationships between development and IT operations. The DevOps metode uses software tools to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and of people, increasing the efficiency and collaboration of all employees involved in development. A definition by Rob England identifies "DevOps as an agile IT operation required for rapid IT development." It is referred to in the definition as a philosophy rather than a method or framework. The philosophical view is about unifying development and operations. It is about culture, practice and tools.

Culture refers to behavior, trust, accountability, and teamwork; practice refers to policies, procedures, processes, key performance indicators(KPIs), and improvements; and tools refer to shared technology platforms and software tools. Success is based on collaboration between the people involved in planning, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining a software solution and the teams' mutual understanding, tools, and aligned infrastructure.

Development Operations can also be offered as DevOps-as-a-Service by appropriate providers, facilitating collaboration between a company's software developers and deployment personnel.

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