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destination address (DA)

The destination address (DA) is generally the address to which the protocol data unit (PDU) is to be transported. In networks, it is the hardware address

and thus the identification of the called port. The address exists only once in the entire network. In media access methods, in network and transport protocols, the destination address is entered in the destination address field of the header. In packet-oriented connection techniques, it is entered in each data packet, but in virtual connections, the destination address is used only to establish the connection


Ethernet frame according to IEEE 802.3

Ethernet frame according to IEEE 802.3

The MAC address in the Ethernet frame is a six octet - 48 bits - long string sent in the header of a MAC frame that indicates the destination address.

The destination address is the address that should normally receive the data packet. Whether the data packet is sent explicitly in unicast to this address, or as multicast to a group of destination stations, can be seen from the first bit in the address type: If a "0" is entered, it is a unicast; if a "1" is entered, it is a multicast.

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