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desktop OLAP (DOLAP)

Desktop OLAP (DOLAP) is a special form of Multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP), in which the multidimensional data is not stored on a server, but directly on the personal computer or notebook

. As in Multidimensional OLAP, the data

inDesktop OLAP is stored in a multidimensional structure rather than in a relational database. However, this is not done on the OLAP server, as in normal MOLAP, but on the local computer. This means that the multidimensional data can be evaluated and used in other ways offline, that is, without a connection to a central server. Furthermore, risks

such as non-functioning Internet connections can be avoided. A typical user group for DOLAP is, for example, field service consultants. Like MOLAP, DOLAP is not suitable for large amounts of data. Therefore, DOLAP solutions should be created from data that has been aggregated in advance.

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