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demand response (DR)

Demand response (DR) is a term from smart grids and can be interpreted as demand-based control of electricity consumption. Demand stands for the electricity demand of the power distribution grid and response for the consumption behavior on the customer side.

Demand-response reflects the network behavior between the power distribution network and the consumers and can take many different forms. In principle, the aim is to reduce electricity consumption during periods of high demand in order to save costly energy resources. Demand response is always based on agreements between the consumer and the electricity supplier. This demand response can be done from the utility and affect the consumer by reducing the amount of energy supplied. The electricity reduction is specified in the agreements and can also be done by the consumer if the utility demands it. The consumer may also authorize the electric utility to remotely reduce the amount of electricity the utility reduces the consumer's consumption by shutting down certain energy-intensive equipment.

Since many demand response agreements are made between large industrial companies and electric utilities, and the companies benefit financially, they must shut down their facilities when the electric utilities request it.

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