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decibel watt (dBW)

DecibelWatt (dBW) is a unit for measuring a power level in decibels( dB), referenced to 1 W.

Decibel Watt is calculated from the tenfold logarithm of the power in Watt (W): `dBW = 10logW`. Accordingly, 1 W corresponds to 0 dBW. 2 W corresponds to 3.0102 dBW, 10 W to 10 dBW, 100 W to 20 dBW and 1,000 W to 30 dBW.

The unit decibel watt (dBW) is used, among other things, in broadcasting technology and for the transmission power of mobile radio transmitters, transmitters, transponders and in other RF and microwave equipment. In addition, dBW is used as a power value for loudness in acoustics.

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