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decentralized environmental notification message (C2C) (DENM)

The Decentralized Environmental Notification Message (DENM) is a message about location and traffic data as well as traffic situations and danger spots. In Car-to-Car-Communication( C2C), this information is exchanged between road users.

In car-to-car communication (C2C) or car-to- infrastructure communication( C2I), motor vehicles exchange a variety of information with each other: Either directly or via infrastructure components such as roadside units( RSU) or radio beacons. C2C communication takes place via WLAN-based Dedicated Short Range Communication( DSRC) or via Cellular V2X( C-V2X), a mobile communications technology based on Long Term Evolution( LTE). Other messages exchanged in C2X communication are the Basic Safety Message( BMS) and the Cooperative Awareness Message( CAM).

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